“I wanted to take this opportunity and thank you for doing such an outstanding job interpreting for me today. I recognize how difficult it must have been to conduct simultaneous interpretation during my 4 business meetings today. In addition to Spain, I have conducted business in China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, and Russia; all with interpreters, and you were by far the best I’ve ever had. Should I ever need interpretation in Spain, you will be the first person I call.Jack Rawle, Worldwide Director, Global Sales Force Effectiveness, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc.

“We would like to state our satisfaction with you work during the conference at the Hotel Convención with Professor Dr Helen Rose Ebaugh. All feedback received has been positive, and we hope we can work with you again in future events.” Jennifer Moreno, Asistente AHIT – Asociación Hispano-Turca

“We didn’t want to miss this opportunity to congratulate you for your work during our Film Season at Teatro Bellas Artes. The event requires many hours of work but without the participation of the interpreters it would be impossible for the key part of the event – the dialogue with directors, producers, actors, etc. – to be successful. We would also like to thank you for your special effort to act as an interpreter in our first experience with videoconference. Thank you once again, especially from the entire Communications Department.” Almudena Parra Valcarce, Departamento Comunicación, Movimiento por la Paz -MPDL-